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Yoga for Trauma

Yoga for trauma has played a crucial role in Eric Peters’s life. It awarded him with a heightened empathy for the traumas, large and small, that his students have experienced.

Will any Yoga work?

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A well trained yoga therapist will personalize a program and regularly assess it, as the student progresses. This is done in conjunction with the student’s own assessment of their pain, trauma, energy, and improvement levels.

How we help…

You’ll learn through practice:

  • how to pay attention to your breath and to your thoughts.
  • how to monitor your body’s responses and adjust your activity level.
  • how to tune into your body’s needs.
  • how to train your brain to find space – to distance yourself from your painful sensations.


When we honour our body with our attention, we begin to reclaim our feelings, our instincts, and our lives.  Out of this developing attention, we can then feel what we are experiencing, and begin to grieve and let it go.

Healing Yoga Ottawa can help with all areas of pain relief through Yoga find out how we can help with back pain here.

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Covid 19 - We're Here To Help! (Online Classes)

As unforseen circumstances (Covid 19) take over every day life, we need to keep both mind and body healthy. We know that everyone of our valued clients rely on our classes which is why we are continuing to offer our classes online.

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