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Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Often our back pain is simply a symptom of a problem in another area of our body. In many cases, back pain derives from overworked and mismanaged muscles, that go into spasm. it is often the habitual, repetitive nature of our movements that lead to back pain. This can be caused from a number of sports injuries as well as a lack of flexibility. Golfers, Tennis Players, Basketballer’s even hockey players can benefit from specific stretches and mindfulness activities to improve their game. Here’s an article from the on Yoga and its value to a players game. But, for most of us, the back is our weakest link due to stresses and strains, caused by poor alignment in other areas.

The state of your back is impacted by many things:

  • genetic background
  • your  posture
  • your hopes, dreams, stress levels, work satisfaction, home life, successes and failures
  • your eating habits, your bodyweight and your body fat allocation
  • the sports you participate in
  • prescription and recreational drugs and alcohol
  • weak abdominal and lower back muscles

Making a change for the better…

In order to take good care of your health and to have a healthy back for life, we know that we need to take our entire being into account.  Bringing attention to our breath is without a doubt the most important component for back pain.  Slow, conscious breaths calms our nervous system and increases our range of motion.


Our entire body is affected by the habitual actions of our spine. Therefore it is so important that we learn to take care of this narrow instrument. When you have a better sense of your own body position, you will begin to notice early warning signs – like poor posture and stress. These are signs that you would not have been made aware of before.

Let us help…


You will learn the important skill of balancing, both therapeutic yoga and restorative yoga, in order to take good care of yourself and to manage your pain.


In yoga, because of our attention to what we are feeling, we can learn to understand better what is causing our back pain. Through a slow, mindful  individualized practice, you learn about your back and take any setbacks you might experience as part of the learning process. The program that Eric Peters teaches, will guide you to do only what you are comfortable with, at any given time. Yoga is meditation in motion, and has been shown through many studies to be a very effective approach to chronic back pain.


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