Restorative Yoga 

Most of us lead lives that reinforce our working at breakneck speed and then collapsing at the end  of the day in exhaustion.  We have very few habits that restore balance between these two extremes.   J We forget that we are human “be”ings not human doers.  Restorative poses are poses of being rather than doing.   Restorative yoga is like taking a short holiday right in your home.  

 Restorative yoga is defined as using props like bolsters, blankets, towels, straps and blocks to put your body in a position of comfort and ease.  By supporting your body with props, we encourage the body to relax.  Some poses have an overall benefit to the entire body while  other postures target an individual part.  Restorative yoga uses props to support an environment of total relaxation.  I have learned over the years that taking a “breather” each day to relax and restore is vital to living well.  When practiced regularly,  restorative yoga will help you to heal chronic stress and pain in as little as five minutes a day.  

When people are in pain it is so necessary to proceed very slowly.  Firstly when you have pain it is is necessary to proceed slowly, to gain the confidence to want to continue so that your condition does not become worse.   

The remedy for stress is relaxation.  To relax is different form sleep.  Deep states of sleep include periods of dreaming which increases our muscular tension.  Relaxation on  the other hand is a state in which there is no effort, little movement and the mind becomes very quiet.  

Restorative poses are designed to move the spine all directions as well being is enhanced by a healthy spine.  Some of the poses are forward bends, some backbends and some are twists.  

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