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About Healing Yoga Ottawa

The founder and lead instructor, Eric Peters, suffers from a painful condition called scoliosis. He uses “Healing Yoga” to maintain a normal pain-free life for himself, and for his clients. Eric specializes in helping others deal with pain and discomfort from a long list of issues, including fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, headaches, anxiety and stress. He offers a range of services including personal assessments, group classes  and private classes  customized for individual needs.

Healing Yoga Ottawa offers a host of customized services designed to work hand-in-hand, or as an alternative, to medications and surgery. Eric has been helping others ease their pain, and it is his highest desire to share what he has learned with you. Please give yourself an opportunity to try a class with him.

Eric is also the author of “Out of the Cage,” the story of his life as a child suffering with scoliosis and how he overcame it through “Healing Yoga.”


It is our utmost goal to share what we have learned with as many people as possible, including yourself.



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Eric Peters Yoga E-Book "Out Of The Cage"

As a special offer a FREE copy of Eric Peter's personal journey through pain and yoga.

Out Of The Cage is a must read for those who feel trapped from chronic pain.
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Covid 19 - We're Here To Help! (Online Classes)

As unforseen circumstances (Covid 19) take over every day life, we need to keep both mind and body healthy. We know that everyone of our valued clients rely on our classes which is why we are continuing to offer our classes online.

* New to Healing Yoga Ottawa? Your first online class is free!
* 75 Minute Classes from the comfort of your own home.
* Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Classes! (More to come).

Simply contact us by email or phone (613) 791-9642.
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